This question keeps coming up: Is ghostwriting legal? This is basically due to the fact that this topic is controversial and the answers are not all satisfactory. However, the question is easy to answer.

What do specialist authors do?

Ghostwriting is limited to engaging a ghostwriter who writes a text. These texts may have a different form as they are presented. This is called a so-called text convention. These concern commercial as well as scientific texts. The service is limited exclusively to consulting and text production.

Ghostwriting is legal, but submitting the template is illegal

Submitting a piece of scholarly work that has not been produced by the alleged author is not only a violation of copyright law but, above all, of university or university regulations. In contrast to ghostwriting, such an act is very punishable and illegal and can result in exmatriculation or a fine.

In the affidavit, which is part of every major scholarly work, the student assures that he has done the work on his own without help from others. This does not mean the help of a lecturer or coach, otherwise the supervisor could not give the student feedback on the work. Again and again, the coaching, ghostwriting and editing is confused. For a better understanding of the individual services that we offer, the following figure is used:

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Plagiarism Ghostwriting

Sadly, society still has the misconception that this service includes submitting work. She ends up writing the work. In this case the author withdraws from any rights of use of the work and the client is granted, but the author of the text remains the author, as the copyrights can not be assigned (UrhG). We as ghostwriting agency assume that z.

For example, the written homework or bachelor thesis is used only as a template, and we also communicate this purpose to many of our offer pages, so that the services of our academic authors are not illegal. In the works we have produced, we propose an approach to a topic that can serve as inspiration or even be taken over completely, as long as nothing is taken literally. This view represents even a judgment of the OLG Frankfurt. Although the written work we have done meets all the criteria of a scientific paper, it must not be submitted.

Many job writers claim that you do not know what’s going on with the job. Although this statement sounds like an excuse, it is true. It is difficult to determine how many clients actually use the template for their own work in accordance with the intended use. Our task is not to check whether the customer claims the rights of use correctly. We assume a responsible use of the rights of use and assume no responsibility for any misuse of these rights.

Is ghostwriting legal? This is the legal situation

Legally, ghostwriting is legal. Many legally binding judgments (eg OLG Frankfurt or OLG Dusseldorf) do not complain about this service. Advertising with phrases such as “buying a scientific paper” or “writing a master’s thesis” is also permitted in the Higher Regional Court of Cologne, as these search terms alone do not explicitly state whether illegal activities are aimed at making it possible for someone to obtain an academic degree , According to the judgment, it is assumed that such illegal activities are not made available to the public, but run in camera.

Furthermore, with this keyword combination, a provider could report on such services and, in this context, draw attention to the fact that, for example, For example, a thesis can not be purchased to submit it under its own name.

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